1.5KW water cooled spindle with 65mm mount and ER16

I spent a while searching the net for a water cooled, 1.5KW spindle with an ER16 chuck that is compatible with the 65mm spindle mount on my Shapeoko Pro. I finally found the GDZ-18B from Changzhou Hanqi Spindle Motor Co which seems like a legit spindle manufacturer in China. It feels a bit like a unicorn with an ER16 chuck, a 65mm mount from what seems to be a legit spindle manufacturer. Also, just like a unicorn, it not easily available. Everything seems legit here but I figured I double check with the community. Anyone see a reason not to try and pursue this spindle? Any ideas as too how to go about ordering one? At 4.5kg, will it be too heavy for the stock Z-axis on the Shapeoko Pro?

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I use an 800w water cooled spindle on my SO3 with the Z-Plus (equivalent to the standard z on the pro) and I would not recommend going any larger. I am probably putting a decent amount of additional wear on the anti-backlash nut. Also, by going up to the HDZ, you no longer need to find the unicorn of a 65mm water cooled spindle with an er-16 collet. You can just use the 80mm mount. They should hopefully have the HDZ upgrade for the pro soon.


When the thing you’re looking for is a unicorn, there’s usually a reason.

I think in this case they usually put ER11 on 1.5kW spindles because they don’t have the power and rigidity needed for larger tools in the materials they’re intended for.

The maximum normal tool diameter is ~6mm or 1/4" for ER11 and ~10mm or 3/8" for ER16.

In Aluminium, a 1.5kW spindle is well-suited to a 6mm endmill but not so well suited to a 10mm endmill. The torque and rigidity requirements mean you’re unlikely to ever get the full performance from a 10mm endmill.

I’m guessing that maybe you’re looking to work in wood, rather than metals?


Excellent points.

Makes me wonder how this would work:

EDIT: but since then we have released:

Now that you mention it, Teknomotor has a bunch of low-power spindles with large collets (ER20 on a 730W spindle!).

Not cylindrical though.

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@nwallace Good to know. I’ll hold off my upgrade and wait for the HDZ for the SOP.

@Moded1952 Yes, I’m primarily working in wood. I’d not considered the implications in other materials.

Thanks for the feedback.

It seems like a hundred years ago, but it was only in February that I went on a Google safari looking for the perfect low power spindle with at least a 12mm tool capacity. In the end I never made any purchase and I just sold my Shapeoko 3 XL with the original Carbide3D router. I also just bought the Shapeoko 4, so maybe it’s time to starting thinking about this again.

Thanks for the link. Food for thought.

Yeah, I will note that I punted on this and went w/

Wait a little while. The HDZ for the Pro and SO4 will hopefully be available in the near future. You’ll be kicking yourself if you install a 1.5kw and find out the HDZ is available for the Pro.

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