2.2kw spindle and VFD

I am not being 100% lazy, I have looked but can’t quite find the info.

Is there a sticky or a comprehensive post on 2.2kw spindle and VFD install - specifically wiring diagrams from VFD to GRBL board so Carbide motion can control spindle start/stop and spindle speed.

Watched @Luke’s YouTube videos from way back but want to check that they are still the latest and greatest sources of info - especially as new controllers and new carbide motion have been released since.

I appreciate various spindles and VFD’s are available and none are approved by Carbide but I’d be looking at the classic Haunyang VFD and spindle.

A detailed wiring diagram would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

I added some wiring pics in my thread about the Huanyang VFD parameters, which should help for the VFD side. They don’t show how to connect the PWM signal at the Shapeoko controller end, because it depends on your controller version and setup. The controller map here shows where on the board you can get the PWM signal. The easiest is to use the BitRunner connector on the right side if you have one of those.

The “wiring diagram” between the VFD and GRBL is actually very simple: connect PWM from the controller to VI on the VFD, connect GND from controller to ACM on the VFD, done.

And we’ll be here if you have questions !

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Cheers @Julien - to the rescue!
All pipeline at the moment - but want to get my head round it all before the purchase.

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Before you pull the trigger on a 2.2kW monster…
they are 80mm diameter. Upto 1.5kW you can also get 65mm (but not ER20)

Consider and see how you want to go do dust collection. At 65mm there are many more options than for 80mm… (non-zero there of course)… so I would suggest scoping out that element as well, not just the wiring side


A pwnc dust boot works on all sizes of spindles.

An 80mm spindle will give you er20 as mentioned.

A 1.5kw(65mm ) vs 2.2kw (80mm) have a 1 lbs weight difference which is practically nothing with a 4-15 lbs spindle no matter what you’ll need an hdz. I’m not sure if the z plus will last.

IMO, the only reason to get anything larger than a properly rated 800 Watt HF spindle for a Shapeoko is to get an inexpensive (Chinese) spindle with a collet larger than ER-11. There are workarounds for that limitation for most. Unlike routers, HF Spindles should be rated on output rather than input power. So, a 800W HF spindle should be the approximate equivalent of a “2 HP” router at rated speed. Jianken seems to be the only Chinese manufacturer that provides (albeit overly optimistic) speed and torque curves for their spindles. Based on input power ratings of the others, it’s likely that the G-Penny ratings are the most realistic of the other Chinese manufacturers - like HY.


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