30 Random Height Maps - PNGs and STLs

EDIT: I am still uploading the Negative STLs. . . [DONE!]

Thought I’d offer up some random height maps that I created from the website @Julien linked to a while back. I modified the original random height map generator and created a bunch of STLs from the PNGs as I previously described here.

Here are 30 original PNGs, 30 negative PNGs and STLs created from the original and negative PNGs in case anyone wants to play with them.

Here’s the STL made from RHM_001:

Here’s the STL made from the RHM_001_Neg:


looks cool.
Was trying to see if my STL to GCODE converter would recognize the vertical walls and do the automatic contour passes… however it seems that the STL files don’t have normal vectors set somehow… will need to debug what is going on