3D Model of Carbide Shapeoko 4 Pro L / XL / XXL?

Back in the saddle with the new machine and before unboxing I am curious if there is a good 3D model of the Shapeoko 4 Pro in either L, XL, or XXL?

I will end up making a table for it out of 8020 and it pays to be exacting in the placement, mounting, and all that good stuff.

But forget the why, or the material choice in table. I am looking for the 3D model for a myriad of other reasons as well and I know this would be very valuable for everyone else using the tool too.

So before I reverse model the whole thing in Fusion 360 I figured I would check and see where we are at on this front.

I did some searching and found a good thread that was similar but did not have any fruit.

See this link.

Also the Wiki for Carbide never loads. Tried multiple browsers but no go so maybe that has the goods but I can’t see them?

Once again this is for the Shapeoko 4 Pro XXL. Not the 3 or any other variant of which 3D models already exist for.

Or, is there perhaps a good model of this but on another site? I checked Grab CAD but nothing…

Thanks for any tips!

The old Shapeoko wiki went off-line when the person who was hosting it moved and their new locale didn’t have the requisite internet service.

It never really got updated for the Pro or SO4 anyway.

I haven’t seen a complete model anywhere. It’s there something specific you’re looking for?
@CNCInspiration modeled the bed if I remember correctly.