3D Printed Hose Routing and Dust Boot Hose Adapters for Shapeoko

Thank you.

Now we need someone to adapt this for the original z carriage.

Very cool can you post or send me the files simplify 3d or fusion 360? glenlakemusic.jk@gmail.com Great work! Thanks a lot, John Keen

I think I found them in a later post, thx

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Thank you so much! I will print them tomorrow and let you know how it turns out. Cheers

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i am trying to find the stl for the Deluxe 3 piece hose adaptor you mentioned. perhaps it’s a closed topic. post or send please? Thanks, John

Hi John,
The 3 piece Deluxe hose adapter set for the Sweepy or the Suckit?

For the suck it. Thanks!!!

Below is a zip file containing the models that comprise my 3 piece Deluxe 2-1/2" Hose adapter set that happens to fit a Suckit dust boot perfectly.
Please remember these models are for personal use of Carbide3d Forum members only.
I suggest using linear supports for these parts. Using fine 3dprint settings will keep the beveled edges looking better and allow for more precise overhangs. I also recommend at least 50% Infill.
If you need any assistance, just send me a message.
Thank you

3PieceDeluxeHoseAdapterSetforSuckitDustBoot-V1-MM.zip (2.4 MB)


thank you very much!!! your fine designs are much appreciated’ very timley for me I was just about to try to “refine” my dust hose routing,

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having an issue importing the file into Prusa slicer, It’n not coming in full size. is there any particular scaling percentage on the hose adapter? Thanks for the hard work and the files. Job well done.

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There’s an old problem between Slic3r and Fusion that if the source Fusion model is in inches, Slic3r opens it assuming SI millimetres and you have to scale by the conversion factor. The fix was to export the STL in mm from Fusion.


Sorry my fusion is setup for inches. I can convert and re-save if necessary.

I think most slicers assume mm.
Most also have an easy way to scale.

I have updated the listed zip file with the 3 piece Deluxe hose adapter set models saved in MM format. My apologies.


Ha! You keep exporting however you want. No apology needed for designing solutions for others.
To anyone importing a model exported in inches to a program that expects millimeters:
There are 25.4mm in an inch. Scale uniformly to 2540%.


Thank you Neil, this is great information!

Yeah let’s talk about that someday, and how it makes my metric-inclined brain cells uncooperative. Ever since I started CNC I now have the Windows calculator app open at all times for that very reason. And the worst part is, for e.g. depth values I will think in mm, but for other things like chipload I’m only familiar with the imperial values now…



Me shopping for end mills: Can I buy a 6.35mm single flute please? Sorry we only stock 1/4".
On another note we imperial measurist’s save so much time only having to type " instead of the twice as complex and much more time consuming mm designation.

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Yeah, why don’t they just use “m” and “c”? Meter could be “me” since no one uses it. Then we could type half as many characters. :smiley:


Definitely interested in the rail wipers when you get those designed! I would need them printed though, unless they are something that I can cut and glue together.


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Very big thanks for the file I will edit some on it to suit my spindle set up , I really like the connectors design thank you very much again :handshake::bouquet: