3D Printed Hose Routing and Dust Boot Hose Adapters for Shapeoko

I had a terrible hose routing system going for a while, and designing a better system has been on my list of things to do.
I started with hose adapter designs a few weeks ago, a Deluxe 3 piece and a simpler one piece, that work on the Suckit and the Sweepy with the excellent PeachTree 2-1/2" hose. I recently added to the collection by designing a 5 piece modular hose routing system that bolts to the top of the Nema 23 motor on the HDZ.
The system is modular, I can make different size rings for different hoses if needed. They attach with a simple slide on system. I have many improvements in mind, including having a quick connect hose end system to remove the different hose sections. Also a bracket to park it while not using it but leaving it hooked up and out of the way.
After I perfect this model I plan to design some rail wipers, I am constantly having to clean chips and dust off the belts and rails, and residue gets caked on my wheels.

If anyone needs these models, I will share with Carbide3D forum members for personal use, or I can print them and ship if needed.

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Amazing idea nice tree :heart_eyes: could you please share the file I would love to print it , if you like I can send you PayPal payment for the file :+1:t3:

Hi Omar, no charge for forum members. I will send you a link for the models in a day or two, I just have a few minor adjustments to test before the final version is complete.

Will be in touch asap!


Thank you very much I will wait for it :+1:t3:

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Great design. I would love to have the files!

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Will be ready to share asap, had a small (haha) clearance issue I tracked down. The model is using a .006 fitment gap.
I am currently adding locking tabs for the extension bracket.


I would like a printed version as I do not have a printer. Will it be available on Etsy?

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I would also like a copy of the files if the offer is still open.

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I can make you one and ship it to you asap. Just tracking down the perfect fitment. There is a very fine line between too tight, too loose and just right.
Judd, will be in touch as soon as they are ready.

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Decided not to pursue the clip design, they are too easy to break.

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Got bored waiting for a test print and designed a wall mount bracket. Maybe a little to much going on in there lol, v2 incomingā€¦



Below is a link for a zip file with the 3 stl models included. The extension bracket clearance is tight on the Nema 23 cap on purpose. I tap it on with a rubber mallet before installing it. The cap has two holes on top for 3mm bolts to secure the cap to the stepper motor, but mine fits perfectly without them and does not move. I printed with 50% infill using PLA plus. I used linear supports when printing the extension bracket, the ring and cap did not need any as they are all less then 45 degree overhangs.

I am currently experimenting with different surface techniques, and will be ready to ship the requested sets out asap.
I will post the wall mount models as soon as I get a chance to test print them.
If anyone needs assistance with printing these models, just send me a message.

ModularHoseMountSystemforShapeoko3HDZ-V1-MM.zip (2.2 MB)


Love this! I too would be interested in the files if you care to share. It looks like a solution to a problem that is common. Great work.

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That is very clean! Great job! I will be looking to do the same thing with mine.

Nice work, thanks for sharing!

Design question: why fold the hose back over the z axis instead of a straight shot vertically? I have a swing arm over the work area to support cables and vac hose as the gantry zips to and fro, and the hose keeps going up to tap into the shop dust collector line in the rafters.

Iā€™m thinking I could riff on your design to double up the vertical hose clamps and skip the 90deg bend over the motor. Use the same motor mounts.

Which dust boot is that? Suckit?


Hi Dan,
I posted the files above in zip format. Free for C3D forum members for personal use.

Hi Danny,
All of my enclosures are 4 feet tall and have hose cutouts in the top right corner. I route the hose back over the machine to make sure it is away from my face as I lean into the enclosure for tool changes etc. The system works for a Suckit or a Sweepy, I have sized the hose adapters for both. It is designed to have a very snug fit with the Peachtree 2-1/2" id hose through the rings, so the hose stays put when adjusted.
I had ideas for a track and weighted pulley system to keep the hose out of the way as much as possible. I have ordered a few more 3d printers since I am having so much fun with them, I should be able to up my work flow considerably and dive into some of the projects I have been thinking about in the near future.

If you can draw a picture of what you have in mind, I would be happy to try to design a bracket that would fit your needs better.

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Nice design. Two questions:

  1. Is the boot in the way when you slide it out for a bit change? A picture showing how you keep it out of the way would be helpful.

  2. Has attaching this to the servo caused any heat issues in the servo?


I can leave the hose attached to the Suckit and hang it over the left side of the rail, or if I am using the Sweepy I can detach the hose and tuck it in inside the router plug wire. I was thinking about designing a parking bracket, but I did not get that far yet, as it is a 3 day old design. I will put it on the list.
I am planning on designing a quick release system for the hose sections, but the entire system can be removed from the Nema 23 motor very easily and hung on a hook or strap, if you do not use the screws to bolt it down.
As for heat soak, I do not have a temperature gun to test it. The Nema 23 bracket only hangs down a half inch around the top and the center is open so it has minimal contact and the wide open center allows for heat to radiate.