What do you think about my enclosure design for the pro XL?

I wanted to share my design with you guys. Probably will make some changes to the pin-slot system. I will add a hole for a vacuum hose and another one for some ventilation and wiring. This design is similar to a JOT-router that I used to work with back in the day. I really like the door mechanism. Already got the parts and will be putting it together in couple of days. The material is 16mm MDF. Also got some piano hinges for the door. I think the door needs a couple of gas springs, but gladly those things are pretty inexpensive.

What do you think?


Here is mine


In the process of over engineering my enclosure for an XL too. The door has me stuck since I want access but don’t eat to deal with the swing out if a large door. Anyways.

If you took the channel back further before going into the j detent you’d be able to lean further in to do activities.

Out of curiosity what are the overall dimensions?

I didn’t want to deal with swinging doors either. My work space is already limited. I think I will make to door go as far as it can so I won’t be hitting my head to it :smiley:

The dimensions are

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Really cool looking enclosure!

Nice door concept.

Do you have enough height for the dust boot hose to move around and follow the cutter without snagging on anything?

Also, you could extend those hook-overs in the slots further back to give you better top-down access to the machine to work on stuff?

Looks good and I like the idea for holding door open

I think I have plenty of space for the vacuum hose. I will make some sort of hinged arm for it to make sure it can move freely.

I will also change the design for the door so it will go further back.

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There’s quite a few examples of different dust hose routings in the older threads here for inspiration, here’s a couple, search terms “hose” “extraction” “dust boot” etc…


Thanks for the examples!

I’m planning to make something like this… Well… Probably pretty much this as I just modeled it :smiley:
Z=75mm and the thickness of the plywood will be 5mm.


Looks good ! I like having the head room with a taller cabinet and space for me wasn’t an object.

The concept looks interesting- Im curious how it works when assembled. The captured sides
of the doors seem like binding might be a problem. Here is the one I built, when opened I can get my head and shoulders inside ( with just a bit of stooping) to access the part and router easily, when in the center of the bed. The height of the torsion table helps to bring all this up to a standing work height. ( note the fold down platform for my PC on the left) ALso the window I cut out at the top and not just the front, I’d recommend that if not too late. The top is mounted w a piano hinge and the braces are very low tech but work well. See the two full width LED strips hidden at the front edge and under the hinge point. I have to admit the 3/4 birch ply clamshell top is rather heavy, other than that it’s working well. Be sure to allow some air intake for your vaccuum to draw from, mine is right at the front.
Best of luck with your enclosure.


Nice work. What material did you use to build the shell

Mostly 3/4 birch ply. I used 1/16" thk mass loaded vinyl to line the interior for sound dampening, it works really well, except for the plex windows of course.

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