Dust Collection Ideas

I’ve been struggling with a dust collection system for my XXL. I’m considering a retractable arm that the hose would hang from and would be on a french cleat mount that could be move away when not in use. Anyone have any designs they are willing to share? Here is my deign so far.

Sorry if I’m bring back an old topic.


I’m cheap — I just looped some bungie cords from the ceiling and run the hose and router cord through them.


Well, that is definitely a thought - and not a bad idea. Probably works really good too.

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Food for thought:


I went with the Shopvac hanging from the ceiling trick (for some reason it’s only showing the top of the photo…click to see the whole thing):

The carrier on the ceiling moves with the unit pretty freely…just few parts thrown together from Home Depot…would make Rube Goldberg proud.


Since my table is on wheels I wanted to make a platform that I could leave attached and have the vac attach. I made a platform that is suspended above the Shapeoko. I got the Peachtree flexible vac hose so it could follow the Z axis around.

I had a length of 4" hose that is dedicated to the Shapeoko. I have another longer Rockler 4" host that is attached to my Onieda cyclone. So if I move the Shapeoko outside under the covered patio the hoses are long enough to stay connected to the dust collector when I get it moved. This setup has worked for the past year. I have not done any tiling jogs but the platform would have to be removed if I wanted to cut a project that was long.


This is mine - a 2 x 4 mounted vertically to my table, a couple hinges and an arm with 2 4" PVC elbows. It extends about 1/2 way across the table fro the back. So far, I’m pretty happy with how it works.


Are the PVC fittings just there to guide the hose, the hose is not coupled to the PVC.

May I present my entry for the “I really do mean to fix that and do something better” dust hose gallery;

Yes, that’s an old UPS power cable that I stole the other connector from;


My CNC is on a mobile cart as well - and I have done a couple tiled jobs (albeit few). I’d like something not so permanent so I’m thinking about something with a articulating arm like in the first drawing. I like the bundle idea and the trolly ideas.

I build this articulating desk for my laptop while running the CNC. It does the job, but it a bit shaky - needs a 2.0 version.

Right now I’m using a couple various clamps “engineered” to hold the hose. Lots of room for improvement here.


Yes, I just have the hose going through them so it has a smooth bend instead of a sharp bend or kink.The two fittings were $7 each, a stud for $2.50, I already had hinges and scrap 3/4" plywood.

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Definitely like the idea of providing the cleanest/non-acute bends.

I have the vac hose twist tied to the leg of the bench and the end plate of the y axis with the perfect curve going to the dust boot to allow for a full range of motion.
I promise I’ll build an enclosure soon.


This is what I ended up with. Not perfect, could use some modifying, but it works. I ended up making an articulating French cleat arm after all. I also made some hose retaining brackets that can be adjusted in 45* incriments.


Very cool setup! Wall mounts look great! Do they sag at all? You need some 3d printed hose hangers. I know a guy…

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How did mankind ever get along before they invented wire ties?


Real men use rubber bands! :laughing:

ADDED: I should have provided the link. These are the best ones I’ve ever used. I use them for a lot of things. They are durable and … MADE IN THE USA! :smiley:

Black High Heat UV Resistant #64 Platinum Crepe Rubber Band Made in USA (3 1/2" x 1/4")

The 1/4 pound bag is more than a quart bag size.


The one I built for the hose doesn’t sag. But the one I built for the computer does, even after I put some stair tread non-skid tape between the parts and clamped the snot out of the star knobs. Because I’m not crazy about dropping my new 16” MacBook on the floor, I eventually employed some cable toes to secure it (don’t know what I’d do without cable ties). I’ll eventually have to come up with a better arrangement - one I feel confident walking away from.

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Lacing using waxed linen thread:


(see “cable lacing running stitch” and similar techniques)


So true! So true! I should have stock in whoever makes them.