3D topographical model design

I am attempting to create a topographical carving of a lake and surrounding terrain.

I am able to create and carve 3d relief with Carbide Create Pro using Touch Terrain STL’s, however, I want to improve my project by a pocketing the Lake so that i can fill with epoxy.

Would anyone have a suggestion on how I can develop a lake outline that I can overlay on Touch Terrain STL?

Any sugestion would be appreciated

Draw it using the curve tool?

Could you post the file you are working on?

Could you get the bathymetric data for the lake?

Will. thanks for your comments.

I can’t post my file because it is larger than 4MB. I will send it to you at CC Support.

lake winnipesaukee, new hampshire has bathymetric data, however, not able to access it.

Here is my BING answers about Bathymetric data.

Yes, there is bathymetric data available for Lake Winnipesaukee. The lake depth/contour maps linked from this page were created using data provided by the NH Department of Environmental Services1. You can also check out Fishermap’s nautical chart and water depth map of Lake Winnipesaukee2.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Learn more:

1. wildlife.state.nh.us2. usa.fishermap.org3. cmgds.marine.usgs.gov4. wildlife.state.nh.us— see less


Bathymetric data is typically stored in a raster format, which is a grid of cells that each contain an elevation value. The most common file formats for bathymetric data are GeoTIFF and netCDF.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

I don’t see any open tickets on this.

You would want to import the bathymetric data and trace it:

and then you would position the tracing relative to the 3D image and cut it as a pocket (probably should do so using an Advanced V carving to get all the detail).

if the lake is the deepest part in the area (it likely is)… you can convert the STL to a grayscale bitmap (STL2NC - javascript edition) and then use gimp or some other tool to do a threshold operation on the color … that way you get a black/white bitmap for a specific depth you pick. And from that bitmap … you can trace it in Carbide Create and you have a vector of the lake. The last slightly tricky part will be overlying it so that the location is perfect on the STL but thats just detail work not hard by itself

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