45 degree angle square in CC

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to model up a triangle in CC with a 45/90 degree angle? Ive miss placed my 45 degree angle square and i thought that could be a quick fix if i could just cut one out of some scrap.

Draw a box then add a line from corner to corner and trim the other lines and you are done.

Many ways to skin that cat…

Set the grid & use polyline. 4 Clicks and you get it joined for free

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Awesome, many thanks!

The C3D machines are pretty accurate but if you are going to make a precision measuring device be sure to calibrate your machine before machining. I recently was making a guitar stand and the bottom was supposed to be 80 degrees. I laid out using poly line as @Tod1d suggested and copied and mirrored that and joined them together. When I got it cut it was at 79 degrees. Now that would normally not be a bad thing but the guitar would sit uneven on the base I machined. I increased to 82 degrees and it came out good. So just check it before you start using it to make sure it is actually 45 degrees. Likely you have another 45 degree tool like a combination square to check it against.

For calibration folks can see:

Unless you’re talking about a contracters speed square…?? :smiley:

Precision isn’t needed in this case, just want a quick way to make a couple of 45 degree angle cuts for a bird house i want to make :slight_smile:

Sounded like you were trying to replace your 45° triangle. :slight_smile:

Well, a birdhouse with a 45° triangle won’t make this bird any happier! :nerd_face:

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