4XXL not connecting


I have the 4xxl and my machine does not home. I have downloaded the newest version of Motion and my computer recognizes the machine is there, but when I hit initialize machine (after doing configuration), it says busy and then the program immediately closes. My machine does not move a bit. Just figuring out how can I get the machine working. I am a novice at this, so please help me!

You problem is not likely the machine but your computer. If you are in Windows open task manager and see if you have enough memory and/or if your disk is 100% busy. Sometimes people have issues when they first open CC and/or CM. Try uninstalling the app that you are having problems with and re-install the application. About a year ago people had a rash of not getting the 64 bit libraries to install and that caused the application to crash. Be sure to reboot your computer after uninstalling the app and start fresh. During the install libraries are installed and the drivers for the Shapeoko are installed.

Support is available on the weekends so if the above does not work send an email to support.


Things to check:

  • did you send the machine configuration?
  • Were all the shipping bolts removed?
  • are any homing switches stuck on?
  • is all the motor wiring in good condition and the connectors correctly joined and all secure?

To confirm, the normal order of operations for initializing is:

  • Z-axis lifts
  • X and Y move so as to get to the back right corner, starting diagonally, and continuing in a straight line if need to to arrive
  • at the back corner the machine backs off each axis by a set amount and verifies against each switch

Let us know what you find out and we’ll do our best to assist.

Will thank you for your help with this. In the first part of your reply, I pretty much get and that is what I did before I initialized the machine, the second is what I have questions about. I know there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I think I have 2 of them. Shipping bolts, where were they? Went back through the manual and I don’t see where there were any. And the homing switches? I googled and saw other images of the little blue things which I presume are the homing switches, but I don’t see any of them on the machine. I presume they are the proximity switches that do light up red when I tested them with a wrench all three. I checked the wiring at least 10 times to ensure I matched the appropriate cables. When I finished putting the machine together a few days ago and turned it on for the first time (not hooked up to the computer), I thought that the axis(s) may move or something, but nothing happen, the power light was on that, was it. I just figured since was not on a program or hooked up to the computer that was normal. I did notice though that when I plugged it up into a different wall socket( moved the machine), I had a little spark from the socket and a little smoke coming from the controller box near the power connector. I didn’t think much of it, since the power button was still on. Any thoughts on that? And thank you again for yor help!

Shipping bolts mostly apply to the linear rails on the Pro — so long as you followed the instructions, you should be good to go.

The blue push button homing switches date back to summer 2016 edition Shapeoko 3 — current machines have inductive/proximity switches.

Sounds like the spark “let out the magic smoke” — you’ll probably need a new controller, let us know at support@carbide3d.com