$ 5 dust guard for Y rail

Hi all,
While waiting to make my dust shoe, I made a real simple and cheap dust guard for my Y rail.
My main goal was to make it cheap, simple and NO un-assembly of SO3.
So here’s what I came up with and it works fine.

All you need is some soft plastic sheet, the plastic white thing :slight_smile: (don’t know what it’s called in English) and some adhesive foam strip.

Make a template, cut and fold the plastic sheet, tape it with scotch tape, add foam strip, make an U shaped with the white strip (?) glue them together. It snaps on snugly and does a nice job of keeping dust away from your pulleys.



English would be “transparency film”?

I don’t know the name for the white plastic that makes the border (see last pic).
Srry maybe I shld post a better pic.

“foam weatherstripping”, “double-sided adhesive foam tape”?

Push-on trim (plastic), is what McMaster calls it.

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My apologies, I should actually read, rather than just look at the pretty pictures. My thanks to @cgallery for actually paying attention and providing a useful reply.

Super Idea. I’m going to do something like this.

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Time to pull the 3d printer out :grinning:


I’ve seen v-vheel covers with brushes, and now this!.. noodling on this concept for sure


Yes, tkx cgallery, " push-on trim " seems the right name. I learnt something today :slight_smile:

Will, this forum will be dull without you :smile:

Here’s another one I made with rigid Plexi. I used a heat gun to bend and shape, then added a tiny U shaped aluminum with screws that tighten the cover against the plate. Make a small hole for the home switch, add screw and bolt to a small piece of U shape aluminum to trigger the switch.