80/20 Enclosure

I am officially quitting the “Shapeoko on the kitchen table club”. I will miss you guys!
I managed to find a level surface to build my new enclosure on temporarily while I build a cnc shop in my back yard. I was making a huge mess and this should cut down on that plus let me use air blast on Aluminum in the house.
Working on ideas for a sliding keyboard and mouse tray and a weighted retracting/sliding vacuum hose mount.
I designed it with a clear back window to mount a 50" tv, It has a 48" 5500K led ceiling light that I drilled out the sides and mounted to the 80/20 rails. Super bright and also dimmable. I was going to install 2 but one is perfect. For the base I used 4x4’s and made a platform on top of the pool table which I rarely use, and then built a 8x8 table on top of that with 4x4s. I used 3/4 finished plywood and Formica gloss white marker board on top. Is very nice for cleanup and you can write notes and easily erase after.
It is 48x48x48 inside dimension, and made with 15 series rails and Alupoly sides and top with Polycarbonate windows. Very sturdy. It fits the Shapeoko pretty much perfectly, when the Suckit dust boot is on it has .25" clearance to the front doors on tool change.
Fact: If you sneeze in the direction of CLEAR POLYCARBONATE, it gets a big scratch.


so much coolness in one picture… :+1:


LOL - but you have joined the on top of a pool table club now though if i have not mistaken your table :slight_smile:
so many questions, like do you play guitar while watching the SO3 - how loud is the SO3 in there, does the other half mind the noise, why is the pirate figure holding the cat, if this is your fun room in your house then your house must be massive, i want my SO3 closer to me but wife did not allow, please share youre clearly epic strategy that lead to the SO3 indoors . - THIS IS BETTER THAN WHERE IS WALLY!!!


More pictures/details of the crate stack and the Rhoads Jackson lol.


I’m pretty sure those Crate stacks will over power any sound the Shapeoko could make. That has to be the reason they are there. :grinning:

I like to shred…


That’s in your house?! :laughing: :laughing:

I’m jealous.

Nice. Right back atcha - title track to my last cd…


Wow that is amazing you sound incredible!!

Reminds me of Metal Church, I have a killer sound system in my office and you sound very very good.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Love the enclosure by the way, I just get easily sidetracked by guitars and amps lol. My wife reminds me of this every time a new one shows up at the house.

yap, all I could think was what an awesome wife!!

John Waldo where can I get the album?

Hope you have double doors between here and there… lol. Kitchen club misses you.


pm me your email address

Haha Because I am running camera wires around the house for my enclosure lol! Had me wondering for a second, then had me laughing!

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Speechless… Gorgeous thing man…

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Just thought this would look nice in your man cave :slight_smile:


Nice Job! I’ll say that you found a level spot in the house- though the player in me cringed a bit to see the non-typical use of the table :slight_smile:

I’m just about done with my enclosure. I have the JTech 7W laser so installed orange acrylic in the front. The laptop table swings on two parallel axes so I can stand in front or move it out of the way. Next project is the “tiling board” which will be used to make oversize pieces. It’ll be 7’ long carbon fiber sandwich with pre-drilled tiling holes and workholding. I’m trying to create a consistent work flow for longer pieces and would rather mount the pieces once and slide the whole assembly to tile.

Also, still need to finalize the dust/fume collection.

Good luck, and I look forward to you having your pool room back.



very cool enclosure! dig the lids and large windows