80MM Spindle Mount for the HDZ dimensions

I am interested in purchasing the Shapeoko HD 80MM Spindle Mount for the HDZ from the website.

I would appreciate it if someone could provide:

  1. the overall dimensions, and

  2. the mounting hole spacing

Measures to an accuracy of about 5 mm would be great.

Thank you.

I think you’re going to want something in the neighborhood of 0.05-0.10 mm if you want the screws to line up.

Thank you for your response.

I am designing my own Z axis assembly, and the exact dimensions at this point are not critical.

I am using overall dimensions as a way to compare its size to other options - like that of RoverCNC, and the hole spacing to see if a custom T slot extrusion will be an option.

I posted some files at:

Here is only the hole pattern:


Overall dimensions of the current 65mm mount:

  • Width: ~135mm
  • Depth (front–back): ~100mm
  • Height: ~40mm

Thank you for the help and effort.
I am interested in the 80 mm mount shown below - pic from website shop page:


It looks like it only has 4 mounting holes and you show 6.
Also, I am wondering if the dimensions differ from the 65mm to 80mm mount.

The 40mm height is quite narrow IMO for an 80mm spindle if that is the case.

I appreciate the support.

Oh. My apologies. I don’t have that.

I suspect it’s similar in dimensions to the 65mm mount on a Pro.

Here is a file which has the hole pattern for the HDZ:


Is my red line correct for the widest spacing of the mounting holes?

It is about 95mm, so if the mount is ~135mm as you had measured for the 65mm mount then that may be correct.

Yes, the 65mm mount on my SO Pro measures:

  • Width: ~120mm
  • Depth: ~90mm
  • Height: ~40mm

but not sure how the 80mm mount differs from that.

Thank you again - perhaps in time someone with the 80mm mount will join the conversation.

I re-opened your ticket and noted how badly I fumbled it — hopefully someone there will step in and provide solid numbers from measurements of the actual part.

No need for apologies. I know what I am asking is very specific and not necessarily everyone would want to help, staff or otherwise.

I am extremely appreciative of the time and effort you have already dedicated to helping me.

I know many manufacturers make such information readily available in their online documentation, but perhaps it depends on, and supports, their business model.

I remain hopeful - and thank you again :grinning: