90 degree diamond drag bit with CC?

Still new too this CNC thing and was wondering if anyone can help me with a question it would be great.
I have a design worked up for an acrylic edge lit sign and was wondering what the process is for using a 90 degree diamond drag bit. Doesn’t seem to be one in the library for Carbide Create and not too sure if I should use one of the others listed or is there a way to input one into the library. Also any input on the feeds and speeds for Carbide Create would be a big help.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks you folks.

(assuming this is a spring-loaded diamond drag bit)
You could create a custom tool in CC library, but honestly for tracing lines on an acrylic piece with a diamond drag bit you don’t even have to bother, the geometry of the tool will not matter since only the very tip of the tool is used. Select any tool, generate contour toolpaths on your vector, with a shallow depth of cut (say 0.02"), and a feedrate of anywhere between 40 and 100ipm. The preview in CC won’t work, but it will be fine. You can adjust depth of cut to compress the DDB a little more or a little less, that’s up to experimentation.

See this post for example.

EDIT: oh and don’t turn on the router…sometimes habits make us do stupid things :laughing:

EDIT2: come to think of it, selecting the existing 90° (#301) Vbit should be very close to reality if you limit depth of cut to barely scratching the surface, with no extra effort to create a custom tool…


Thanks Julien, going to give it a try in the near future. Just getting some of the things together for making acrylic lit signs. Just got a piece of acrylic and gonna do some tests with it. I’ll try the #301 first.
Thanks again for the input, it’s greatly appreciated.

Here’s a video I did on how to set up a diamond drag but in CC. Diamond Drag Tutorial


Thanks Chris, don’t know why I didn’t refer back to the video, I saw it when posted it back in July. It did answer some questions. Like the step over, I had mine set too wide. Still have a piece of acrylic to practice on, hated to waste a $20 piece but oh well. Thanks again.

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