A monkey gets his hands on a Shapeoko (Regularly Updated)

I’ll get it posted this evening!


Did you ever get the sign cut out? Really curious to see the bridge detail. I am thinking of doing this skyline too for another city.

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Not yet, but I did get the tool setter and have done other projects with it. As long as the image is 18" w. or bigger I should be able to get the detail ok. I’m also doing the reflection of the skyline in the water , and that s tricky with the texturing. I’ll let you know. Here are a couple images of tests , I did both of these with the tool setter. After reading Micro Monkeys post Im beginning to feel my De Walt is not stable enough to produce smooth curve cut lines. Having issues with this on many test shapes and materials


@Rdevine, here is the svg:

CCR_Dial_Speed.zip (64.0 KB)


In the spirit of all the CC Pro 3d goodness floating around as of late:
With zero experience in 3d modeling and very little cnc experience I decided to keep it simple.
First 3d project (the robot) was made in July 2019 (I am not even sure 3d roughing tool paths were added to CC yet):

Which eventually led me to making some decorations for friends and their kids:

and a neat Christmas decoration:

Then I had a good friend of mine who happens to be an avid “tree enthusiast” request a box, and I took it as an opportunity to do something slightly more “technical” with CC Pro 3d modeling.
Step 1, Make a box:

Step 2, Use 3d modeling features to create perfectly sized reliefs for Mr. Skelly’s bones (cause nobody wants to carry around a rattling box of bones):

As always, more to come! Stay safe out there guys and gals!


Perfectly executed, as usual !

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More boxes:

(~aug 2019) :

One for my mother-in-law:

I had a very nice lady ask me for 2 boxes with the combination skyline and state outline on the lid around Christmas time:

The boxes are roughly 5in(4 3/4?) by 9in with just enough space inside for pens, pencils, money, gift cards, etc. The two boxes in the first picture have been in use at my wife’s workplace to hold various teeny-tiny measuring spoons, and I am not ashamed to admit how overly happy it makes me to know they are used daily. (even though she stole them off my workbench before they were finished :rofl:)

edit: Big thank you to the guys who put in the work and posted a bunch of box ideas and cut files months back. It taught me a ton (understatement) about sizing and offsets and clearance passes! ( :wink: @WillAdams and others)


Inspired by @wmoy’s C3d office hours on two sided machining, I decided to make a trivet as a birthday gift for my father-in-law who loves to cook.

Step one: Go through scrap bin and square up selected stock… thankfully I had a nice drop of pecan left over from a built-in shelving project. I had flattened it months ago and set it aside for a rainy day.


Step 2: Sand to 600 grit for the heck of it.


Step 3: Come up with a desired look and program tool paths in all the wrong order, and tack on numerous other mistakes (f&s, work holding, workflow) to get something that could pass for a trivet…

Super check! (:man_shrugging: :man_facepalming: :rofl:)

Thanks to all the mistakes (and a worn out 1/2" ball nose bit) I have a good bit of clean up to do, but thankfully my F-I-L is an engineer and loves “tasteful” machining marks…


Photo dump while I eat a late lunch…

Little Bluetooth speaker wasn’t cutting it as a shop stereo. Had some old car speakers sitting around, so I slapped something together that sounds so much better. My wife hates it :rofl::

Loving this recent purchase. Makes sanding down tabs a breeze:

More odds and ends:


Looking forward to digging into some new stock I picked up recently:

Couldn’t help myself :joy::

As always, stay safe and happy cutting everyone!


This is a great gallery thread, really nice stuff.

If monkeys really were this talented and competent, humans might be in trouble :wink:


As you mentioned about the speakers wives generally have a 6th sense when their husbands are enjoying themselves and they instinctively want to quash it. :heart_eyes:


After 50 years with the same woman, I measure my enjoyment by how many tiny little tasks I’m asked to do “before you go out to the workshop.” :smiley:


Love the Tennessee signs! How did you achieve the nice and clean two-color look? I’m thinking about trying out some of that shelf liner that people have mentioned in other posts to achieve the two-tone paint job.

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@KeimCNC, I have had a lot of luck with OraMask but I have read that the shelf liner paper works just as well.
Here is my method for masking: Best Masking Material? The smaller river signs in my most recent post are actually full color mdf that I painted in a contrasting color before cutting, so no masking needed.

Edit: this one was made from a piece of poplar with a couple different rounds of masking and painting, so masking can give awesome results if done carefully:


Just wait until your wife finds out!


Great work Monkey… keep it up


Awesome piece sir. Thanks for the help


You in the Columbia area? I see your crooked ear mule! I live just north of town.


Hi Scott,
Fantastic work! What steps did you take in creating the beautiful black bkgd signs with white/natural wood lettering? Did you paint it, let it dry and then CNC over it? The paint didn’t peel or chip?

Thank you,

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@zwbenedict - those were made to order for a friend of mine who lives out there. I have heard from multiple sources that the mule is a big deal in your neck of the woods! I am a few hours east of you, but if you ever venture out this way let me know.

@designer_daddy - thank you for the compliment, Gary! Yes, they are painted and then carved. Proper surface prep and giving the paint a day or two to dry and harden is all it takes.

And to both of you- Welcome to the forum!