A New Dust Shoe - "Dust Jet"

Sharing a new dust shoe that Im working on that is a different take on focusing the suction while not sacrificing visibility. this half-brush/half-venturi seems to work better than others I’ve used.
the height is adjusted by a quick-release clamp on the tube, replaceable mill plate.
I originally designed it with a 1.5" tube and had good results, but decided to up it to a 2" tube to give even better flow.

what do you think?
The “making of” video is here:
but the work continues…


That is one gorgeous dust shoe!
Did you CNC the acrylic parts ?
How does it perform when cutting deep pockets and the (short) bristles end up “in the air” over the pocket ?

My only comment would be that the side mount will limit X-travel. Probably not a problem on an XXL, but on a standard shapeoko, every bit of travel counts, and I already kind of dislike the suckit dust boot mounts I have, that eat up an inch on each side of the HDZ, so this would be a problem for me. Have you investigated option for attaching the quick-release part to the front of the spindle ? but then I guess visibility of the endmill would be bad…ha, compromises…

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I sketched up a similar design which connected to the back of the gantry where the Z-axis homing switch connects — need to switch over to the new endplate to finish it up.


That’s awesome! It looks really sleek and professional.

I agree with @Julien, on my standard Shapeoko 3, every inch of travel counts so I’d be willing to mount it on the front and sacrifice a little visibility to ensure my travel is as much as I can get.

Right, i did an alternate rear mount version, i may offer both. There is a lot of wasted space on the back side of the gantry.


Just remember that a lot of us with the original size have our controllers mounted to the rear of the x-axis beam.


Good point. The rear mount only really works for an XL or XXL (and one still has to clear the wiring)

Thanks for the feedback, very useful.

How short are those brushes? Have a feeling it wouldn’t clear most clamping strategies.

ive been using it with good success,the design has some secrets that makes it much more efficient than others.
I’ll be sharing video shortly but I’m in jury duty this week… :unamused:

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Ah okay, looked shorter than 1" from those angles :slight_smile:

That is a good looking dust shoe. Any plans to market it or share the design?

Nice shoe but I have two questions.

Will this work with the regular Z axis or just the HDZ?

If the dust shoe were to get stuck on a clamp or something, will it release or break the shoe and vertical pipe? I just had an incident with my SuckIt when a cutout was lifted by the vacuum and even with the release, the lens around the spindle was damaged.

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yes it will work, and things happen, but your x-axis will skip steps before it would break.

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I’m jealous at looking how clean and clear your acrylic cut! Did you polish it after or…?

Single flute, 45* spiral up cut. I believe the refer to it as an ‘o’ flute

Just checking up, is this something you will offer to sell or make the designs available? I’m going to be either making one or buying one soon andam interested in yours.

The design will be made available for others to make.


Awesome! I’m excited to see the video you mentioned and to try making it myself. Looking at the pictures, it looks like I should have the raw materials to make it too.

Looks very tidy! Would be interested in making one or possibly purchase one. How does it actually attach? I couldn’t quite make it out. I have the xxl with dealt router. I just got my machine at year end and have to do something for the dust producing machine, I keep getting dust on my boots. Really looks nice. Andrew