A question for Guitar builders

What software do you use with your Shapeoko?

@Griff might have a suggestion, as I recall, he carved one recently that turned out beautifully!

I used Fusion 360 and a plugin called Guitar Engine done by Brad, a mod at Fusion 360 Luthiers, a Facebook Group. Makes it pretty simple but your design is fully customizable.


Thanks - appreciate the quick answer.

Here’s a guy posting on the Vectric forum about making guitars. I think he must be famous.

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Not a CNC comment…but my dad was a professional guitarist and had a number of custom guitars made for him. One of his makers, the late Jimmy Foster, had a dedicated Jointer with custom carved knives the shape of the crown of the neck. One pass over the jointer and the ebony was carved perfectly.


Great - thank you. Will check it out.

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