Ability to customize the 9 JOG positions or add custom jog buttons

It would be very nice to have the ability to set custom positions for the JOG. For instance I almost always use the same X,Y starting point. So it would be nice if I could open JOG, switch to 9 position Jog screen, click on SW and the spindle will go there instead of FAR left corner, then manually have to jog up to the position I always want to go to.

OR, on that same screen, leave the 9 standard positions, but have below (or somewhere) buttons numbered 1 thru 9 (or ever how many), and let the users save custom locations to those 5 to 9 buttons that they go to often.

If you really want to get fancy, let us rename those buttons (max 10-15 characters) to help remember where each one jogs to.

Thanks for considering.

Give CNC.js a go? Her you can make your own buttons to fill all your needs.

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Maybe reference this post in the latest call for ideas for CM ?

From the title and context, the thread is for Carbide Create not Carbide Motion even if Rob wrote CM in the text.

Right ! I did not look at the title, just Rob’s post that has the “CM” the typo. Forget my post then.

My suggestion is for Carbide Motion. It would be nice to be able to set custom jog positions here. And someone mentioned in another thread being able to change the Z height 0 setting during the job and I would think this is kind of tide together.

I get that Tim, it is just that the thread @Julien pointed to is for Carbide Create. This request for user defined position has been made last year in another thread on what we wanted to see in CM but has been left unanswered. Personally I would not want to re-program the rapid positions already existing because they refer to a given physical position identifiable on the wasteboard but I do support additional position that the user has pre-determined lets call them A,B,C,D. You could place them in the location that you use regularly for X and Y origin for you projects for example.

Hopefully, it will make it to the list of features Carbide WANTS to implement.

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Gotcha. I am still in the peewee league but working hard to learn and move up :slight_smile: Thanks for the info and clarification.

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