Ability to Frame Project Prior to Start

Hello! Sorry if this has already been suggested as an update, but I didn’t see anything on the thread. Lightburn has an option to “Frame” your project either in a square or closer to the shape of your actual project before starting the laser. This would be a very beneficial tool to add to Carbide Motion to ensure everything has been lined up properly.

For additional context, I’m working with glued hardwood currently and will be cutting it into the shape of TX. I glued the wood in such a way as to minimize waste since it’s so expensive. It was very nerve wracking starting the project without knowing for certain that I had lined everything up properly. Being able to “Frame” the project and see where the outline of the bit would pass would have been very beneficial.

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When I am working with an uneven shape stock, I place it on the bed, draw a square or circle or rectangle. Choose my Zero point so it matches my design.

When designing CC will allow a shape to fit your measurements, square, rectangle, or circle.

If that is what I am understanding from your post??

To an extent, I recognize the ability to change CC to suit your work material. I’m more looking for functionality in Carbide Motion that allows you to have your bit outline the outermost bounds of your project so you can ensure everything has been lined up properly. I tend to not leave too much room between my stock and my project so as to minimize waste. However, if I happen to have the stock even slightly misaligned, then I will end up completely ruining the piece. Tracing the outline without actually cutting anything would allow the user another check before starting their project and potentially ruining their stock.

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I see your point, thanks. I have work arounds that I use. Nothing simple, just measuring.

You can create a contour (No offset), or even an outside offset and use that path to trace above your part.
Just set your Z zero the distance above your part that you want. Touch off the top of your part & instead of clicking the button to set Z, type in -0.250 to run the path a 1/4" above the part. If you use a round value, then before cutting you can just add 0.250 to the Z at any position. i.e. After the framing path, the Z retracts to 4.395. Just change that to 4.545 to lower the Z zero by 0.250.

I had an oval job I needed to add keyholes to the back. I created an outline path & used a sharpie to draw the oval shape on the table. Got it lined up pretty good. :wink:

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