About to buy but what about the beds

I am planning on ordering a Nomad 883 Pro and I asked about replacement MDF beds since I assume they are considered consumables but was told they don’t sell them, what do people do for replacements? Or do they really last Forever? I’m assuming they get cut into at least a little bit when cutting out a design.

Wasteboards are still listed for sale… https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/tools/products/mdf-wasteboard-qty-5?variant=928086019


I suspect the person was thinking you were asking after Shapeoko wasteboards.

As @enl_public noted, the Nomad wasteboards are in the shop, and various files for making your own (say on a Shapeoko) are available: Nomad Waste Peg Board Compilation and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3101675 c.f., Nomad 883 threaded table and clamps

Must be even though I specifically said the Nomad 883 Pro… Glad to see they have them. He did also say they had plans online so I could make my own but the only thing I could find was for the Shapeoko so it makes sense.

FYI If you are careful a wasteboard can last a remarkably long time. Once it gets a bit messed up/non-level you can machine off a thin slice of the top surface and have what is essentially a new wasteboard. Not sure how many times you can do that on the stock wasteboard (depends on how thick the slices you have to take), but by being careful I am still on my first wasteboard a year and a half later.


I bought 4 for $25 from Rio Grande


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As well as MDF, there are others offering aluminum bed-o-holes beds. These you try really hard not to consume… It’s not hard once you’re familiar with the machine.

Just transfer the holes to piece of MDF before you destroy it & make an extra with a drill. When you’re ready to install the extra, do the same. You could probably just have the guys at HD or Lowes cut the squares for you if you don’t want to deal with MDF dust. You could use a new one for every day for a couple of months for $25

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