Accent Wall Project

Hello folks!
A little while ago i started (and finished) a project where I was making some 12x12 tiles on my Shapeoko. I designed the simple tiles Carbide Create. I put together a video of the project and i hope it’s okay to post the link here.

I think it made a big impact and I’m really happy to have the shapeoko. It’s one of those projects that’s simply done but the cnc is a HUGE help. Enjoy!



That video could almost make me like MDF! That’s how good it is.
Great idea, great result, and great editing skills too (what’s up with that fake hand though ? :sweat_smile:)

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who said the hand was fake?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for watching! Glad you liked the project. :raised_hands:t2:

been wanting to do something like this for a while now ever since I saw Mr. Build It make one by hand. Love the outcome I think I may have to finally give it a shot now.

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thanks for watching! it was really easy as far as the designing and cutting was concerned. During the project i was thinking “dang i wish shapeoko came in a full size model so i could throw a full sheet of mdf on there” haha! I also didn’t want to do something like all geometric lines like so many people do. Hopefully this is different and inspiring! :raised_hands:t2:


I saw an old message you posted about the pinout for the Bitrunner. I have a 3 XXL with a 2.4d board. Could you tell me which 6 pin connector on the left side of the board to plug the Bitrunner 2.0 plug into. I am looking at a used one and it does not have the solder in board. I saw 2 of the 6 pin connectors sticking up.

Glenn in GA USA

This thread has the connector references (see “Controller PCB connector for BitRunner”)

I don’t believe BitRunner v2 uses a different connector, but you might want to check with support.
It may not be easy to solder your own PCB connector though, may consider getting a new controller that has it? (of course this is more expensive than ordering the connector alone, but also much less hassle)

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Do you by chance have any pics of how and where you connected your bitrunner to the 2.4d board

I ordered the correct plug but was trying to avoid soldering if I could.


Great video Seth. Loved it.

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