Acurracy Measurements off .3mm in 450mm

So I went ahead and measured accuracy. My machine travels 450.3mm for a 450mm travel. I’m happy with that, I guess. Does anyone feel that is way off?

Which machine do you have?

How are you measuring?

How precise is the tool you are using for measurement?

For a belt-drive machine see:

Ok I think I understand. I taped a machinist rule to my machine and jogged 450mm. I like this method you linked to. I’ll give it a try. Changing g-code is another story but first things first.

I followed the document. There’s no tutorial on where I input the $100/$101 commands. I use current Carbide Motion Build 618, no bit zero selected in the machine set up walkthrough. Anyone have link to follow where to do this and verify I’ve input correctly?

That is done in the MDI, just go there and send the appropriate = command, e.g.,

$100 = 40

Duh, it was right there in front me between job and settings. Question Will, I see it says type / at beginning of input, is there some type of query I can type to see what the current default settings are for these $100-$102 values are?, without changing anything yet.

You can open the Log window and send


to get the current settings sent to the Log window.

Hi Will, when I type $$ or /$$ and the screens flashed “busy” at the top and nothing happens. Is there supposed to be a log screen here?

No, you need to open the Log Window — it’s a different place — see the Machine Settings/Options:

:+1: :+1: :+1: Thanks Will…

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