Adaptor converters: power and motors

Hi folks,

I am working to replace my ShapeOKO 4 control board with a MKS monster8 board, but still want to keep all the adapters, so that I can connect back to the factory board if necessary. There are two kinds of adaptor converters I am trying to buy or make: Power and Motors.

For power, ShapeOKO 4 power supply uses PD-40S. Monster 8 takes two input wires for power. I am looking to somehow harness the ShapeOKO 4’s PD-40S into it. It appears the female PD-40S connections available requires a PCB, if someone know a clever way to connect it to a pair of wires without a PCB, would you share with me?

The motor connectors on ShapeOKO 4 uses micro-fit, and Monster 8 uses 2.54 KK. I can connect the 4 pins with wires, but would like to see if anyone has done something better than that.


Edit: this is part of the work I am doing to upgrade my SO4 into a 4 axis. The original thread was here.

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