Add Rapid Speed to movement

I’d love to have a ‘Rapid’ move in the jogging settings. Fast is fine but as these machines get bigger, fast just isn’t fast enough. Please give us ‘Rapid’ speed in the jogging section (not just those pre-set rapid locations).


This has been asked for several times. I would love to see a “turbo” jog speed.

My mill uses Mach3 to control it, and for a Rapid jog, I press a shift key along with the appropriate jog key. It would be nice if they could implement this into CM.

More activity on the topic should help it get added.
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lets get this done!!!

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I’d love a turbo option for the x/y jog (not so much for z).

If there’s concern of people forgetting it’s on turbo and crashing, make it so it’s only turbo when holding down a shift key or something.

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I’d like to re-request this feature. On an XXL, FAST just isn’t very fast. It would be great to have the existing 4 speeds, plus “RAPID”, which would be the same speed as the RAPID movement options.

If the concern is that people will crash their gantries at high speeds, you COULD check to make sure that the resulting distance is less than the RAPID POSITION points and prevent the crash or just go to the RAPID POSITION boundary and stop no matter how many times the button is pushed (and maybe pop up a message to explain why it’s stopped…“Travel Limit Reached” or something.

Any chance we’ll see this feature?


Yea! Let us choose a speed. If someone crashes its a learning curve. If they crash twice they need to find a new hobby.

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Well…that probably isn’t a great attitude for a CNC manufacturer to take :slight_smile: But there are easy software ways to limit the travel so it doesn’t crash.

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Well…that probably isn’t a great attitude for a CNC manufacturer to take :slight_smile:


I think we might be better off asking for a more complete fix to the jogging usability issues.

There’s been a number of threads already asking to support a dedicated device such as the Shuttle Xpress

Which would provide a substantial improvement in usability over the base keyboard bindings if CM were updated to read the scroll wheel inputs.

This seems to be the main hurdle in getting pendants etc. to work with CM, so far people have had to leave the Carbide software environment to get decent jogging control which seems a shame.

The Contour Design ShuttleXpress is supported by CNCjs, and I believe that support was ported over to bCNC.

I just use the keyboard mapping, but since I find a numeric keypad layout confusing, use a utility to re-map to a gamepad:

or use a dedicated special-purpose keyboard: