Adding BitRunner Connector

I have a CarbideMotion v2.4 board that doesn’t have the BitRunner connector on it. I would, for a number of reasons, like to add the connector. I was able to get 3 and have tested that they fit the cable.

Typically all 6 pins would be soldered to the board, which is what I intend to do, but before I pull the board out and attempt it, does anyone have a picture of the back of the board with connector to verify all 6 pins are connected?

I saw the pinout here:

But it doesn’t show the board, just the connector.

The part I ordered from Newark was the 447640601 which can be purchased individually - the other part in that list appears to only come in qty 1000+

I used a solder iron for 50 years. I had an older board and bought the upgrade that I had to solder on. I dont think they offer that any more. That was the hardest think I think I ever soldered. I had to go back several times. In the end I bought a newer board with the connector already on it with the proper cover. If you retrofit your board you will have to modify your cover for the connector to poke through. The last time I ordered a board it was about $150.00 (subject to C3D current pricing). You can contact support and/or sales to get a price for a new board. If you get a new board you will always have a spare. The SO3 is still supported but at some point it will be too old and not cost effective to keep making parts for. Only C3D can say when that will be but I am cheap and will keep my SO3 for as long as it runs.

I just put a connector on my v2.4 board on my 3xxl soldered all 6 pins and hooked up my v2 bitrunner and it works great just be careful not to burn the board or link solder between pins they are small and close together

Thank you both for the feedback. I think the connectors on this are similar to what I usually solder which is Arduino boards. I definitely don’t have 50 years of experience, but what I do have is with fiddly small connectors.

I was actually thinking of using hot air and solder paste to avoid having to get in close with an iron. I will have to take a look once I get the board out.

I think replacements are $100, so I figure I would give this one a go and see if I can make it work. If not, I’m out $100 anyway :slight_smile:

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