Adding fonts to cc

I would like to add some different fonts to carbide creat. Anyone know how that is done?

from what I know you can use any font that is on your computer that being said some may not cut well

How do you get to the other fronts on the computer?

you can just upload them to your computer most places have a way to load them on the computer I forget how to do it atm but do a search on adding fonts to your pc and then those fonts should be able to be selected in the text dropdown in the CC text box

Thanks will give it a try

@Gonefishing Your Welcome

As noted, you can use any font in Carbide Create which the OS will make available to it (install for all users).

If you wish to install fonts for Carbide Create only then do Help | About | Open Data Directory and place any fonts you want CC to use in the Carbide Create\Tools directory — they’ll be at the top of the font list the next time you launch CC.

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