Cursive font using in cc

I want to add some cursive fonts to cc can someone tell me how to do that. Also the fonts that are in cc are are they the same ones on my computer in windows 10? If not how do I get to the ones in windows 10 and use them also

as far as I know they are the ones on your computer I do not use cc much as I bought Vetric Desktop and use that mostly

they’re same as the system fonts of Windows 10.

If you install a font into Windows 10, you can install it as “user font” or “system font” (available to all users on the computer). CC will only use system fonts, not user fonts.


For adding fonts see:

For script fonts, a good source is:

Note that for best results you will need to use Boolean operations to union the overlapping geometry of a cursive/connected font. See:

If you have any difficulties with this, let us know here or at and we’ll do our best to help.

Maybe not what you’re looking for, but I’ve had good results picking the font I want in Word, typing my text, taking a screenshot, converting that to SVG using Inkscape, and then importing that into my part as a sketch (import svg).

For manufacturing, you can use a trace to follow the outline, or I’ll do an extruded cut into the page which you can then mill out with a pocket operation.

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