Adding tools. I’m either dumb as a rock... or

Bought a diamond drag bit to engrave aluminum and try as I might, I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about how to add a tool. I’ve purchased other end mills ((1/8th shank) of various size and feel like Einstein’s poster child for insanity. I’ve watched videos… and nada.
So, let’s leave the dumb as a rock momentarily… anyone using one of the drag bits?.. are you saying you are using a v-bit in Carbide Create… your input is appreciated.
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The official docs on this are at:

Further notes:

If you select a tool before clicking on “Add Tool” the selected tool will be used as a template for the new one.

  • Toolpath
  • Edit Library
  • Add Tool
  • double-click on the new tool to go into edit mode
  • edit as needed
  • Ok
  • close window

Further discussion at: Can CC make use of a diamond drag bit?

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