Adding Tools to Library

I am entering bits that I bought from Whiteside specifically the CNC Engraving Set 708. I know how to add the bits but how do you get to number of flutes? Some bits I am confused on how to enter but would work with trial and error.

Is there any way of importing the Fusion or Vetrics tool library into Carbide Create?

Thanks in advance because the engraving bits have me stumped.

I am on a Mac.

Number of flutes is no longer exposed for editing in the UI since no calculations are made by the program — you can directly edit the underlying CSV to enter them if desired.

I don’t know of any way to transfer in tooling libraries from other applications — unfortunately, the industry hasn’t agreed on a standard.



Thanks for the quick reply Will.

Whats tripping me up is SC54, SC55, SC70 and SC71. image attached of catalog page.

SC54, SC55, and SC71 have geometries which can’t be entered into Carbide Create so as to get a preview.

SC70 looks much like an Amana #45771-K which I entered as:

The pencil bit should work OK. I’ll try that setup and go from there. If I need to figure out Fusion I will.All the software I use is starting to trip me up.

With that said the Amana bits have the specs spelled out better.

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