Adjustable Winston modification

One of the fabulous things about the Sweepy is that it can be adjust up/down to fine-tune its height relative to the length of the endmill stickout and the stock and the nature of the current cut.

Unfortunately, the dust collection setup I have for my new spindle isn’t so flexible — actually, it can’t be adjusted at all, save by making multiple variants:

and in particular, it wants less height than either of the two stock bottoms (should we call them soles?) afford.

Fortuitously, Lee Valley has a round transparent container set:

which looks to be the perfect size, so we just need to:

  • shorten a lid
  • cut it open
  • cut the bottoms out of as many bases as it seems likely we will want to use
  • source some brushes which can be added to one or more of the bases and work out how to fasten them (hose clamp?)
  • cut the Winston (the Sweepy bottom w/o brushes which is wholly transparent for better videos) up so that it will fit the now open lid and allow a bottom screwed in from underneath to secure

We start w/ a fixture to cut up the lid:


So we cut the fixture and secure the lid w/ a bit of double-sided tape:

trim the edge and test it, then cut out the inside:

We cut the bottom out by putting a base into the lid still in place in the fixture: