Advance VCarve Did Not Retract During Rapids

So I am making a walnut serving board for a friend. She wanted a bee engraved in it. Everything turned out great… or so I thought. When I started sanding it I noticed a line that was not supposed to be there. Then I saw more and more. When I looked at my C2D file these did not show in the tool path. Eventually I looked at the simulation and that was when I saw the rapids overlapped these lines perfectly. Here is a picture of the board:

and here I highlighted the issues:

What is odd is that it does not look like it did it on every rapid.

Now I am not sure if this is an issue with Carbide Create or if my Duet control board I replaced the Carbide Motion board with did not line something on the G-Code. Either way I want to try to get to the bottom of this.

I generated the G-Code with Carbide Create build 520. I just upgraded to 530 and regenerated the G-Code file. I am just scared to run in and waste more lumber. I suppose I could get some MDF to test on, but I would rather not. Was this a known issue with CC-520? If not is there a way to tell in the G-Code file where one of these rapids took place so I can see if there is something my Duet might not like?

Here is the c2d file:

Bee Food Board.c2d (769.2 KB)

Could you post the file?

What was your safety/retract height set to?

In the current version, I see retracts for Advanced V carving toolpaths:

G-Code shows them as well:

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Added to my original post. Retract was set to 3mm.

Not seeing any rapid moves along the bottom of any of the pockets:

Just pulled the G-Code file off my Duet:

Bee (761.5 KB)

Similarly, at one of the points you specified, the retract and rapid travel at safety height is pretty clearly visible:

also in the G-Code:

Can your fancy tool pull out the chunk of Gcode where that rapid happened so I can see if there is something that would cause this with the Duet?

Never mind I found an online NC viewer and located it.

I think I found the issue and it does look like it was fixed in CC-530. There are lines in this G-Code file with just F889.0 on them like this:


In CC-530 it is generating lines like this:


Pretty sure the Duet Board would not like those.

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