Alternative to Sweepy Boot

So I bought my unit second hand, and for some reason the spacers were with my Seeepy Boot and I can’t get any hose to attach to it. Do you guys have any alternative ideas to assist with getting a hose attached to it?

Is this a Sweepy v1 or v2?

The v1 fits a 35mm fitting for a European dust extractor such as a Festool.

The v2 has two adapters, one for a 35mm fitting, the other is a cylinder which accepts a 2.5" hose and plugs in directly — it would be pretty easy to cut one on the machine out of a suitable material:

or you could make a form and cut and bend say a flexible cutting board and rivet it.

Probably a 2.5" hose coupler would work, you’d just need to get one intended to fit inside the hose — check in w/ places which carry dust collection gear (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Woodcraft, Rockler).

That said, I consider Sweepys a consumable item (hazard of cutting metal w/ dust collection running — clouds the plastic) — a new unit would have a new coupler:

I went to buy another one, but Carbide is out of the 69mm one that I need. As I said I don’t have the plastic inserts. That is why I was trying to find a good alternative, because of the supply chain issue.

Please drop a message to - we should be able to get these back in stock…

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Well I sent them a message. We will see. Thanks.

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