Amana Bits / CatchAllTray

I was wondering how do I go about adding this 3 bits to the library in Carbide Create, in order to create some catch all trays.

The old (316) method isn’t compatible with the new (400 and later) method, and unfortunately custom tools from 316 are not directly imported into newer versions.

In the newer version in order to enter a custom tool it is necessary to create a new user library — tools may then be added to that by using the graphical interface.


Note that since the move to curated values in 434, certain entries which were required are now hidden in the data since they are not needed.

For Amana endmills see



Ok, I am just super confused…I can not seem to manage to add the 3 bits and make them work. I try going into Fusion with the complete library but it also does not seem to have all the bits.

I am trying to recreate this video, minus the heart shape I am just making a rectangle, but I cant see to manage to make the correct toolpaths in fusion…

Here is the video >

Here is my file >

Which 3 endmills are you having difficulty with?

Please note Carbide Create does not support all possible endmill geometries.

I am not using carbide create, I switch to Fusion as I guessed it would work better with this bits.

Amana Tool - 45982
Amana Tool - 56126

There are some links at:

which may help.

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