Amana bowl bit 45982

Just recently purchased the shapeoko 4 XL and I’m still learning all the tricks of the trade. I have the Amana bowl bit 45982 and I’m looking for all the parameters/settings to add the bit to my tool list. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Never used one myself but there seems to be pointers in this thread

Seems like @fenrus or @ScottsdaleSteve could chime in.

My bowl bit is Whiteside (not Amana), but 3/4" diameter like yours. I’ve only ever used it on endgrain cutting boards (Hard Maple and Walnut), and I used these feeds and speeds, which are conservative and avoid chattering and other bad noises:
Depth of Cut: .02"
Feedrate: 40"
Plunge: 2.5"
RPM: 20,000

I’m sure you can be much more aggressive on softer wood or non-endgrain.


Thanks I will give that a try.

plunge very very slowly… no more than 5ipm… these bits are NOT made for plunging at all.

Even feed rates I tend to be conservative, 20ipm to maybe 40ipm depending on the material
DOC about 0.04" max
RPM: Don’t go to the max of the router, more middle of the road.

(I tend to cut a bit more conservative and aim for a nicer finish… I’m sure you can feed faster than these but… think of a bowl bit mostly as a finishing pass bit, not a roughing bit… and you want cut quality there)

oh also add it as a regular endmill as if the rounded part is not there, with the full diameter of the bit,
and set the stepover such that you overlap on the bottom flat part


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