Amana tool library issues

Hi guys,
I use Fusion 360 and was for a long time not able to combine my toolpaths properly to work with the bit setter and my Amana tools. It was inexplicably skipping tool changes and acting very peculiar. I had used the downloadable Amana tool library that is available for Fusion online, which is very incomplete and missing a ton of tools.
I finally got sick of using individual toolpaths and went to our C3D personal Sherlock Holmes, @neilferreri for help.
Turns out that half of the Amana tool .json file library is incomplete with many of the tool identification numbers all set to “1”.
This prevents the software from differentiating between tools when randomly two or more are showing their identification number as both “1”
Make sure to go through your Amana tool properties and correctly give the tool its proper identification number to enable correct tool changes.
Thank you Neil!


No problem.

Might be interesting to those that like the stuff that goes on in the background…Fusion 360 will actually warn about using tools with different geometry that have the same number. The problem is that the warning is only visible in the Post Processing log. That log file is buried deep in the file system and there’s no real reason to look at it.
I worked up a modified Post Processor that will throw an error if you try to post process with conflicting tools. Instead of generating gcode, it will show you the log with the warning and error message. I can upload later if anyone wants it.
Fusion is clearly smart enough to know what’s going on, it’d be nice if it warned you with a dialog box.


*raises hand* ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Would very much appreciate that!

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Here’s the modified Post Processor that will not generate gcode on a “conflicting tool geometry” situation. It will show the log output instead. You can turn the tool check off if you want to ignore it.
Note this also includes the ability to add a Pass Through gcode, which won’t do anything unless you add a Pass Through Manual NC as described in this post. (5.7 KB)

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