Annoying User Question (part 1): How to setup 3D carving in CC-P

Sorry, for the annoying rudimentary questions on how to design a 3D project. It’s not for the lack of searching, watching, reading and trying, I admit it, in some areas I’m just thickheaded. I don’t have an engineering background (computer/technical yes, but not engineering), so getting my head around the 3D features of CC has not been easy and sometimes frustrating.

So using the ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’ approach, I need to ask my basic (if not stupid) questions one or two at a time so I can better understand how to apply the information as it relates to my project and what I am trying to accomplish.

If dragging this out in the public forum isn’t the right place for this, or might be too irritating to the more experienced readers, would anyone be willing to tolerate direct messages from me with my questions, so as not to pollute the public feeds?

Question 1

I have 1.75" thick stock and I would like to cut a 3D relief using an STL file to a depth that is no more than 0.25" deep.

On the Model tab, what is the purpose for adding a Shape (is it necessary?) and how does it relate to the STL file that will be imported?

I don’t understand what is being defined with the Shape and Component parameters and why the Shape parameters cannot be edited after creating the Model component.

As I said, pretty basic stuff I’m sure, but it’s created a massive mental block for me in trying to get any further.

Thank you.

Please see:

if you’re still stuck, e-mail the file in to and we’ll do our best to assist.


I have made some YouTube videos on carbide create pro, that could help you some. I do not specifically address STL files.

Search YouTube channel for “Stephen k cox”.

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