Another EMI issue

I am looking for guidance on how to ground my dust collection. Here is my current setup.

I have a two stage dust collection inside the bottom of the cabinet. I believe it’s my dust collection that’s causing the issue. I can run the router without the dust collection and it works. For how long, I don’t know. I hate the dust and the collection is a must. But my first step is going to be to ground the dust collection.

Any ideas how?

I used an anti-static and conductive hose:

which I grounded to the router body and connect it to a dust collection system (Festool CT Midi w/ Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy bought in a noise-induced, migraine-fueled rage).


I’m will Will on the hose with integrated wire than can then be attached to the router and known-good earthing point at the other end.


You might find some useful info here


I just ordered the hose. How did you connect it to the router body?

I wrap a bit of conductive tape around my dust shoes so as to electrically connect the router body to the hose.

Even taking speaker wire, bare a good length of it, wrap it around your hose for a few inches close to the dust port, & then attach the other end of the wire to a solid ground will work. Also helps keep dust & chips from sticking to the hose as it bleeds off the static charge.


Excuse my ignorance, what is the blue wire you are crimping in the video? I want to follow your instruction video and ground the machine.

I ordered the anti static dust hose and plan to ground the Z axis and x rail just like you did.

What is a good surface to connect all the crimped wire ends to? Anything not on the Shapeoko that is metal?

I did see your comment about the banana jack outlet plug in the original thread. Is it possible to use that plug, connected to an alligator clip, and have the alligator clip clipped to all the crimped wires attached to the x and z axis?

Again sorry for my ignorance. This stuff I am extremely green on.

That’s a wire which goes through my drag chain and then is bolted down to a common earth terminal in my electrical box.

A bolt, terminal block or anything which is grounded. That can be the utility ground in many places. It doesn’t need to be a really good ground connection, just enough to leak away the static charge.

You could do that yes but I’d start by just having the wires go to something grounded, I suggested this antistatic as it’s easy and reasonably safe to use if you don’t know about wiring.

The dust hose is really the big change, anything that grounds the conductive wire in the antistatic hose is going to be about 90% of the benefit in my experience. I’d go and ground the rest of the machine if the grounded antistatic hose didn’t fix the problems.

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I’ll start with grounding the new anti Stanton dust hose. I have a big project coming up so I hope to came it complete in the up coming days.

I’ll keep this thread updated. Appreciate the tips Liam.

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I tried everything including high end power boxes and I agree that the biggest help was anti-static hoses on the dust collection, although I used Rockler
I also made sure the green equipment ground was connected to the outer metal case of the router (there is a photo somewhere of this mod). All metal parts of the frame are also equipment grounded which required a power chord with just the ground).

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