Any laser engrave kits of tutorials for outfitting the Shapeoko 3 XXL?

Would LOVE to add just a simple laser engrave functionality to my Shapeoko 3 XXL.

I have seen some literal bolt on kits but I also see a lot, with questionable reviews, and questionable tech sheets.

Does anyone have any tutorials, recommended kits, guides, or other resources that would be awesome! I would love to learn about this and see how I can add this laser engrave functionality to my machine! Thank you!

Okay, found a few things.

Questions now is:

A) Can I just plug one of these into the PWM of the Shapeoko and get going?


B) I see a few turn key kits, quality, but expensive, touting basically the same laser AND a control board in addition to the Carbide OEM. Is this necessary?

Thank you!

Hello @CaseyS

I have used both lasers you posted earlier.
The first Banggood burned out while installing it. The second one lasted a few months with daily use.

I then bought the 7W laser from Jtech Photonics. I can’t recommend it enough!! I got the assembly whole kit and took about an hour to install.

It is built like a brick. It has survived a few crashes into bolts and clamps on the work surface of my S3 XXL.

I do recommend getting the Lightburn software with it, It is super fast and easy to use.

If you have any questions just ask.
Hope this helps.


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I will second @Jairo’s comments, and add that I think the security features are as important as the lasering capability itself (and to me, much more important). Think of how much you value your eyes, and then go buy the JTech one INCLUDING the shroud option (yes, in addition to wearing the laser goggles). It has the turnkey protection, an additional input signal that you can wire to your enclosure’s door, and yet another protection where you have to manually reset it to enable the laser.

Also, since you mentioned “engraving”, not “cutting”, I would go for lower power than 7W. I have the 2.8W and while it’s not very useful for cutting anything, it’s just perfect for engraving surfaces.

#besafe #don’tburnyourhousedown


Ditto … Jtech laser on my XXL

If you have the HDZ, then get the J-Tech Spindle Mounted Laser. No need to change X,Y=0 when changing from cutting bits to the laser. This is a 4.2W

And it works pretty well


Also, having opened both, I can attest, that they are not the same laser. The J Tech laser is definitely an industrial one. The laser color is different, and the cut engraving quality is by far superior, to the Chinese laser.

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Endurance Laser is pretty awesome as well as opt laser and I currently use light burn software. Was pretty painless to setup.

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