Any reviews on Alibre Atom3d?

I have been using Vectric’s Cut3d Desktop and Fusion 360. When the Black Friday offers mentioned Alibre Atom3D, I thought I’d have a look at it, as a sort of midpoint between Cut2d and Fusion360, with the capacity to do 3D. I have looked at Cut3d a few times and it just hasn’t clicked for me, even though I really appreciate the Cut2D interface. I find it really easy to do simple drawings.
I’ve been working through some of the Atom3D tutorials and have been impressed so far. It seems to have a good interface and the process of designing makes sense to me so far.
Does anyone have feedback about Atom3D?

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Oh, and I thought I’d add that I really like the Atom3D tutorials so far.
Mind, I think what makes them easier for me to understand now is having the experience of all the wrestling I’ve done with Fusion 360

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I experimented with it when it was bundled with machines during a previous Black Friday sale.

Worked well:

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