Any Update on This Discussion on Software-Aided Tiling?

Continuing the discussion from Toolpath Tiling in Carbide Create Pro:

Can you share any more on plans for this set of ideas?

  • Gary

I think it’s available as a beta for pro users.


  • (NEW) Toolpath Tiling for Pro licenses. The help link is broken and we need to clean up some terms and labels once people try it out.

Carbide Create Beta Downloads (

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I have the TIling solution that was in the Beta — this discussion had some future possibilities for CC to aid in the indexing and positioning of the work - to make the physical positioning of the piece easier and more foolproof. That discussion came towards the end of that thread.

  • Gary

You can still do tiling with regular carbide create you just have to make two files. That’s what I did with this cardboard cutout of Albert Einstein

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Yes. The discussion was about CC automatically creating registration artifacts within the design that would eliminate the necessary calculations / design changes and minimize / eliminate the inaccuracies caused when shifting the piece to the next tile. These are things we “CAN” do ourselves, but if CC Pro can do it in a standard and consistent matter, it will make everyone’s life a lot easier when tiling.

It’s still on the TODO list. We’ll probably get back to it when we’re done with the current CM updates.


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