Toolpath Tiling in Carbide Create Pro

We just uploaded CC 752 to: Carbide Create Beta Downloads which added Toolpath Tiling. It will only be active for Create Pro users.

Normally, this would be an internal build for a while but we think this will be fairly stable in spite of the fact that there were a lot of internal changes to get it working.

  • Tiling is enabled on the Toolpath pane
  • The help button links to nowhere right now.
  • We only support indexing on the Y axis since we cannot think of a commercial machine that would need indexing in X.
  • Nomenclature will probably change for the feature name and parameters.
  • Right now, only one index can be active at a time. This is due to the internal structure of CC. If this is a popular feature, we might change this, but this is what we have now.

This thread is purely for feedback on this build of CC Pro, so I’ll be removing posts that go too far off topic.


Can’t wait to try this!

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Getting Bugsplat when I attempt to open v752. Repeated attempts to open is successful occassionally.

Found the bug. We’ll get a new build uploaded before too long.

[EDIT] Fixed in 753: Carbide Create Beta Downloads


Wow! You guys work fast. Can’t wait to try out the tiling feature.

@robgrz This sounds like a terrific function. A couple of questions:
Am I responsible to save out the separate tile toolpaths into separate c2d files…or will CM eventually be able to know that the c2d has tiling enabled and prompt me through the indexing for the different tile cuts?

The “index” is mine to create and maintain, right? There is nothing in CC right now that will help me get perfect alignment…correct?

Correct. Again, this is something we can work on if the feature gets a lot of use

CC does show the tile and the overlap, which should be helpful, but it’s ultimately up to you to set the dimensions. Experience has shown that whatever algorithm or heuristics we can come up with will immediately be invalidated by someone’s pathological file. I’d expect that setting the tile dimensions will remain a manual process.


I’ve only done a couple of tiling projects, but I’ve had to do my own registration pin setups outside of the cutting areas to positively register the movement to the next tile. It would be pretty cool if there was some standard way CC could inject (or enable the user to inject) registration sockets to positively assure accurate tiling.


I probably did something wrong, but while the main parts of the cut recognize the tilling, in the simulation, the texture still shows all around the design. Is this just the simulation or will it try to cut the texture all the way around every time…or am I just looking at it wrong?

Post your file and we can try a preview of the G-code to check.

I’ll have to send it to support as it won’t load due to file size.


Definitely a bug:

Even a blind squirrel… :grinning:


We found the bug, it’ll be fixed for the next release.


Thanks. Now if I can just figure out how to place the work with pins or whatever to get the proper registration I’ll be set.
Great work and makes Pro very much worth it.



Whatever value you use for “Tile Height” in CC, that’s how far you want to move your part.

I have a 48" sign to do in the near future. I will fasten a fence to the left edge, and machine it parallel to the Y axis. I’ll mark a zero point on the fence, and then 2 zero points on the edge of my stock.
Machine the bottom, move it down until the 2nd zero point lines up, then machine the top portion.

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…and you can get it “close enough” via eyeballing?

Pretty sure I can. I’ll mark my lines with an exacto knife so they’re easy to line up.
And I’ll split up the cuts so I’m not cutting the same vector in both setups if possible.


I’m with Tod. When I think about all of the kitchen cabinets I made with a mechanical pencil to do the marking, I suspect that I could get very good results without a high tech approach.


Excellent. I shall try. Thanks!

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