Anyone tried or thought about adapting this to the S3?

I really like the idea behind this kickstarter dust shoe:

Any thoughts about trying to adapt this to the S3? It doesn’t look like the mount they have would work as is on the 3, but I was thinking there may be a way to adapt it somehow…

What I find most appealing about this is that it doesn’t move up and down with the axis and doesn’t push against the work surface as the spindle goes deaper.

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There are a couple of designs like to that listed at:

The guy that developed this told me he was going to be making one for the Shaoeoko 3. However that was like 3 months ago and I got impatient and went another route. Not sure where he is with this now. You should send him an email and ask if you are interested.

@WillAdams I saw attempts with older shapeokos or xcarve like this one:, but I haven’t seen any fixed dust shoes for the S3 (that don’t move up and down with the spindle).

There are a couple of holes at the bottom of the Z-Axis plate that could serve as mounts for some angle brackets maybe… I might try to cobble something together real quick to see how it does.

@Bonch Thanks, I just emailed him. I’ll update this when he replies

Since this is a dust shoe thread in essence, I thought I’d post up my “hacked” version of a Shapeoko/DWP611 dust shoe combo. First, I’m not claiming this hasn’t been seen or done before, I just have stumbled onto it. With that premise, let’s continue…

  • There are some cheap options when it comes to dust collection attachments for the DWP611. This popped up when I did some Googling straight away:

  • Since my router is dedicated to the Shapeoko exclusively I didn’t have to worry about “hacking up” the otherwise discarded/unused case/base on which to mount this widget… with shipping I was out $14 bucks, so I figured why not try it?

  • Once it arrived it was obvious it needed hacking as well… the internal hose connection makes the orifice too small, so I took to removing this internal section by first drilling out from the bottom very carefully with a large V-bit and finishing the removal exercise with a Dremel cutter:

  • In order to make the case/base usable, I decided to lop off the top of it which removing the “keying” inserts that are peen’d in allowing it to rotate freely on the router body and reducing its height to something more manageable. I mounted it to the end of a 4x4 so I could square it up on my chopsaw and hacked it away.

  • The attachment hooks up perfectly to a Rigid 1 7/8" hose kit, and on the opposite end I’ve connected this hose to my Dust Deputy with no-fuss friction fits. I still use the “easy clamp” of the original base/case allowing the entire shoe assembly to slide off easily. I’m still experimenting with shoe “fingers” as this pic shows an HDPE container threaded onto the bottom. At present I’ve got some sliced up soft PE tubing attached that also works very, however I’m still looking for that perfect material.


My number one complaint about most vacuum options is the risk of ramming them into the work-piece or clamping arrangements. The angle of plunge and total depth you can do can be fairly limited if you’ve got something wide around your tool…

That’s where I think the “suck-it” does a decent job overall, by being z-independent you can in part plan for low-height clamping arrangements that it won’t run into even as the spindle goes up and down. The downside is you are then limited by tooling length and that plunge-hole diameter, to make sure you don’t ram the router into the top of the vacuum plate, so something to be thought through, but not insurmountable.

Agreed, @UnionNine. Relative Z-travel for a job is critical when dealing with your overall depth of cuts. The “suck-it” does address this nicely. I’m now thinking about a Z-brush/shoe retraction scheme for this hack.

Wow, almost missed it. The SO3 version is on kickstarter until 3 hours from now! I am in for one at $78. A little pricey, but I am in dire need of one for the sake of my marriage. Cutting MDF is no fun :slight_smile:


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Also, Winston Moy did a video on this:

I just got onboard with this one as well…considering i’m still saving for my S3XXL i consider it motivation ha!

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