Assembling an SO4


In the middle of assembling my SO4 and I have a couple of questions. I cannot find an install guide for it. I imagine that we needed to follow the assembly video for it, which I did. My question is how do I mount the BitSetter? I bought one and I do see threaded holes on the power button plate. After reading and researching that looks like the area where it’s supposed to go. Is that something extra I need to buy? Can I use the bitsetter without mounting it? The second thing is the YL cable. I connected it and routed it under the plate on the gantry. Is that how that is supposed to go? I have added pics. Everything seems to be working fine. Still haven’t cut anything yet, just did the hello world and the middle came out lighter which I probably set zero too deep so it came out lighter towards the end. Any recommendations on a first project? Complete newbie here. Thanks in advance.

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We do not yet have a mechanism for installing a BitSetter on an SO4 — please write in to for how that should be worked out.

For a first project see:


If you’ll let us know what sort of work you wish to do and how you wish to approach it we might be better able to advise.

Should I run a surfacing pass over the hybrid bed? When I put a level down on the bed I can see a very small gap in the middle section. Like the bed is a bit caved in. Not by much.

Yes, that would be a good idea — the pocket thus made can be a problem for how some folks work which have been addressed in various ways:


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