Atomstack X30 Pro

Just took delivery of my Atomstack X30 Pro. Everything unpacked and the project for tomorrow is to put it together. Looks pretty substantial as far as the rails and carriage go. A lot heaver duty than I would have expected. Well see how the assembly goes. Cant wait to get it assembled and try it out with the free LaserGRBL software.

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I am sure you are proud of your new machine. This forum is primarily about Shapeoko/Nomad machines. You are certainly welcome to ask questions if you are Using Carbide Create. A more appropriate place to post about your new machine would be on the Atomstack forum. You are of course welcome here but the Atomstack is off subject on this forum. Hope your assembly goes well.

He owns a Shapeoko Pro XL, So as far as I’m concerned, he’s entitled to post about his new tool.


I see lots of posts here about laser engravers. Both for adding them to a Shapeoko (Which is probably not supported by Carbide3D) and stand alone laser engravers. Also, saw posts about LaserGRBL and Lightburn which are also not supported by Carbide3D. That said, I’m sorry if I offended you with my post.

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Congratulations on your new laser, I’m interested to see what you create and how the workflow of the two machines evolves. I have a stand alone laser (Ortur LM2 pro) as well and the mill before engrave or engrave before milling dilemma is real. I have more confidence in zeroing and repeatability with the Shapeoko so engraving the blank and aligning to the engraving makes sense in many cases. When you need to mark a feature that has been milled first alignment on the laser is a bit less certain. Fixturing helps a lot. I see my laser as an accessory to compliment my Shapeoko 3XXL and am interested in learning from others that are integrating the two types of machines to further their creativity.

@baricl I just posted plans on the enclosure I made on my Shapeoko for my new Atomstack X7:

Your X30 is the same size, so might be a good starting point if you decide you need something :slight_smile: My main concern was the smoke, even with the garage open, it made everything smell like a campfire. This contains it well and vents it outside nicely. If you use these plan, move the cutout for the vent up about 4 inches. It doesn’t hit the laser frame, but it might be blocking some airflow.

Also recommend getting a 10x15mm drag chain for the left side wires, mine intermittently bend on to the cutting area and have messed up cuts:

And this is the best price I found on a honeycomb that will fit the full cutting area:

Good luck with your new toy, I’m jealous of the power compared to my X7 - lol

I’m also interested in your take on Lightburn vs. LaserGRBL. I’m only about a week into this… so far Lightburn looks worth the $60, especially if you’re matching jobs between router and laser. LaserGRBL worked well, but it options were limited and much more manual.

Thanks for the input. I’ll look into the extra drag chain. I already have the honeycomb panel. Since it took so long to ship and receive my order I got Atomstack to throw in the honeycomb panel for free. They tried to give me a discount on my next order but i held my ground. Plus i just saw they raised the price on the X30 by $100.00 so i got a good deal. Well see how this all works out. Going to a craft show on sunday to push some products from my Shapeoko 4. This was a popular one in the fall show i did.


I just installed a JTech 24w Quad Pro to my Shapeoko 4 XXL… I’m very interested in what you do with your new machine…Keep the posts coming!

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Light burn is worth every penny and you get free updates although I don’t know for how long. They do make a lot of updates as I haven’t had it 6 months and there have been several none of which have required paying extra to install so far.

I wonder if Carbide create will have laser programming ability in the future since they will most likely have their own laser module upgrade one day.

Forgot to add that it’s number one feature is there is no subscription and it’s a stand alone program that doesn’t require a internet connection to run once it has been registered.


1 year. After using LaserGRBL for a while, I tried Lightburn, and won’t go back to LaserGRBL. It even has a built in QR code generator.

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I’m also on the Lightburn hype train. :slight_smile: They include upgrades for a year. The license is perpetual, but you pay $30 per year to get the updates for that year, every year.

@robgrz has stated they are not developing their own laser, but are working with a laser company to make a semi-endorsed-ish option that will integrate well with the new controller on the SO5 Pro. But that’s the only info I’ve seen thus far.

Just finished my first project. After watching all the available videos and getting used to the machine and the S/W I thought I’de start with something simple. Ordered some blank aluminum business cards. I’m pretty happy with the results. Next i want to try something on granite and see how it compares to using my XP Pro with the etcher bit. So far I think the X30 Pro is a sweet little machine

Business Card


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