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I’m looking to automate as much as possible with my cnc machine. I have a question on dust collection automation. Does anyone use the timed adapters to turn off their dust collection systems? I am using a shop vac with a cyclone and prefer to not have it run when it’s not needed.

I added the BitRunner and an Ivac switch to control my large cyclone.

Later switched to the Dewalt Stealthsonic and then added this:

It works great. There is an option to have a times delay shutoff.

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That looks like a better option than what I was looking at. I ordered the bit runner and that will help. Thank you for sharing!

It is the one that C3D recommends. It has worked great so far.

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Do I need to get anything else other than the BitRunner, which I already have? I would imagine that I’d need a splitter to plug in both the VFD Spindle and BitRunner.
Right now I have a separate power strip that I have plugged into the main power strip that provides power to the machine and components. I usually just flip the switch on the 2nd power strip for the vac after the VFD had gotten up to speed. It’s not a horrible situation by any means, however, it’s easy to get busy in the shop while the CNC is working away in the background. I’ll be working away and notice that the only thing running anymore is the vacuum. It sounds silly and minor, because it is…but just to have the vac cycle off when the program is complete would be nice. Especially now that I am up to my eyes with reconfiguring my shop for improved work flow it’s easy to get and stay busy beyond what the time frame for the project is. Just the audible indicator that it’s done would be cool.

The VFD spindle and BitRunner are redundant and an either/or situation.

If you have for example the VFD spindle and want to have the vacuum turn on/off get a current sensing switch w/ a delay such as:

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Thanks Will, for some reason my mind was just stuck on having to run a splitter. I’m so protective of the S5P as its new to me as is CNC in general. I’m always trying to err on the side of good. lol

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