B carving combined with flat end for pockets

Please reference the picture file attached to explain my goal here.

Can anyone help me with combining v carved edges of pockets? I want to clear out large portions of a design and then v carve the edges and smaller sections that only the v bit can reach. Obviously I don’t want to use the v bit to attempt to clear out any larger areas. How can I combine these two skills.


This is accomplished as a part of:

and we have a bit on the wiki at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Carbide_Create_Basics#Clearing_area_around_drawing

Maybe an opportunity here to implement a ‘limit v-carve depth’ option in CC?

The above post is a (really impressive) workable option, but you maths will need to be spot on, and it will make some time to produce the Gcode and also to perform the job

If you’re making a lot of these, or producing them for money, then I would look at the Vectric software options - they have functions to create this built in. It lets you define the outline of the V carve, and select a ‘clearance tool’ to clear the centre area

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