Bad Characters in G code

I keep getting error code when loading file Saying bad character in G code. I am using CC Build 743 and CM Build 537 Post Processor Set on Shapeoko Has anyone else Had this problem in the past. And have any suggestions would be great Thank You !!
Zoie 5.c2d (368 KB)

Do you have Pro?

If not, you need to update CM:

Thanks William I do not have PRO I did update CM and I was able to load File . But now I get a fail on the first touch of Bit zero. I did check configurations and re sent them to allow for bit zero and bit setter. Please advise what have i done wrong. Thanks Kent…

Which BitZero do you have?

Have you configured Carbide Motion for it?

Please see:

Thanks William I have a v2 bit zero and yes i configured CM . I did get project to carve after doing all your checks which all checked out good. The only thing I changed was I unchecked the box that ask to show spindle speeds. How ever when it carved it carved really oddly. Im guessing that is a postprocessor issue. I have mine set on shapeoko 3d . what should it be set on Thanks Kent…

How does what cut compare to the 3D preview?

The way it cut was odd It started on the outside parameter and then went and carved out one end and around letters then after that it went and done the other end . It did not jump around back and forth. It did one carve at a time If all that makes sense. … I have my Postprocessor set on Shapeoko 3d Is that the right setting.?? Thanks Kent…