Bamboo clamp set made using an IKEA APTITLIG

For anyone who is interested. I created this set of bamboo clamps on my Shapeoko 3 using a IKEA APTITLIG cutting board + 4 M6x10 mm furniture inserts.

The nice thing about bamboo is that it can handle moist (my shed isn’t heated) and it is flexible yet sturdy enough to get a good grip.

I created these using a standard 2 flute M6 wood router bit.

Each clamp takes M6 bolts. The L-shaped alignment tool has a 50 mm spacing.

Vector files are inluded as PDF, AI, EPS and SVG. Leave a note if you need a different format. (765.6 KB)







Terrific Job. Thanks!

Thanks for your hard work on these and sharing.

Watch out for the glue joints when you tension the clamps.

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Thanks fot the heads-up. So far it has worked great for me. I have used them for several weeks now and no delamintaion of the bamboo layers yet.

However, you can ofcourse use other materials if you wish.

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Enjoy. Always nice to share things that can help others.

Those Aptitlig boards are great. Most stable (when V-carving), consistent thickness, and flattest bamboo I’ve played with.


Thanks for sharing with your community!

Good stuff may have to try these and we have an Ikea in town ha.

I will not publicly admit to how many APTITLIG boards I bought over time, but let’s just say that I raise a lot of eyebrows there when paying for 7 or 8 of them at a time :sweat_smile:
Or even before that while spending 10min selecting eight boards of the exact same color from the stack.
“Look at that weirdo”

Excellent, consistent quality. I never used them for clamps though, it was all coasters and trivets and various custom holders.


When I go into Ikea many of the customers truly are weird. So picking through the cutting boards is likely the least weird thing that goes on in Ikea.

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Really nice and thanks so much for sharing.

Nice work. What nut pattern size (how far apart are the nuts) do you use on your wasted board?

These are spaced at 50 mm. If you need another spacing let me know. I can always adjust these.

I indeed know the look of other customers :woozy_face: