Beer Taps - Part 1

Delivered the first part of this order to my very happy customer yesterday. 5/4 QS WO finished with General Finished Seal-A-Cell & Arm-R-Seal. Accent is Liquidtex Carbon Black Acrylic. Design done in Vcarve Pro.

24 more to do to finish their first order which must be carved with different designs on both sides.


Awesome job. I have a few local craft breweries starting right near me. If you don;t mind me asking, what did you charge for these?

Answered by PM …

Nice work!
I’ve wondered, but never looked closely…do those just slip on to a handle?

3/8-16 threaded insert (for USA anyway)


Hey I happen to live near Versailles, just not on the same continent :slight_smile:
I raise my glass to this nice project/sale !

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You wouldn’t happen to be in the one with that little palace would you? Been there; nice place

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I think you pronounce the one in Kentucky differently, don’t you? Like Ver-SALES?

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No, everyone else has it wrong …